Racial Reconciliation: Judgment Free Questions and Conversations, with Catrina Berka

In this weeks episode in our series “How She is Doing the Work of Racial Reconciliation” Susan chats with her friend Catrina Berka.  Susan and Catrina have both been involved with racial reconciliation work since 2017, though it was different incidents that brought them together at a Project Unity event.  Want to be a fly on the wall while two white ladies sit around and chat about racial reconciliation and why you should care?  Have some questions, but not sure how or who to ask? Looking for a few resources to help you understand? This conversation is for you.


Links To Things Discussed

Year of Unity – Project Unity Website

We’re Different, We’re the Same – Sesame Street Kids Book

Be the Bridge

Latasha Morrison’s Book – Be the Bridge

White Awake – Daniel Hill

Pass the Mic – podcast

Truth’s Table – podcast

The Colored Commentary – podcast

We Are Threaded – resource page


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