Month: April 2020

Making Veggies Irresistible – with Green Joy Founder, Jenny Cawthon

Jenny Cawthon, founder of Green Joy, is raising the bar when it comes to accessing healthy foods and vegetables. Jenny believes everyone deserves the right to healthy, wholesome foods and don’t think access, geography, or circumstance should impact the ability to get the nutrition needed for growing bodies. Green Joy believes if we can get kids eating 3-4 servings of vegetables each day, we will literally be changing lives for the next generation.


Links to things we discussed: 

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Green Joy – Facebook

Fili West Farms (South Carolina) – website

Dallas Farmers Market (Texas) – website

Bonton Farms (Dallas, TX) – website

Fresh Point (Dallas, TX) – website


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What’s for dinner? – more with registered dietitian, Brianna Pilawski

I don’t know about you, but figuring out what to feed my family since the world turned upside down has been, to put it mildly, challenging.  I am not used to bulk shopping or cooking.  I have never put a ton of time into meal prepping.  On top of all of that, half of what I need isn’t available at the grocery store.

Thankfully, Brianna Pilawski, a registered dietitian, is here to help.  She shares some of her favorite tips and tricks to get even the pickiest of eaters involved in the kitchen.  She also shares the staples she is keeping on hand and some of her favorite go to recipes these days.

Oh, and if you are interested in knowing what it takes to be a registered dietitian, we cover that too.  🙂


Sample Dinner Ideas

– Pulled Pork in the Insta Pot w Bagged Salad & Strawberries
– Chicken n’ Rice – Cream of Mushroom Soup + frozen Chicken, minute brown rice, broccoli & cheese
– Whole wheat spaghetti, frozen meatballs, pasta sauce  + frozen broccoli cooked in the bag
– Fish On Monday Nights – Salmon – Fish Sticks + brown rice, Green Beans & Raspberries
– Taco Night is always a fav – ground beef – can be frozen, diced tomatoes (canned low sodium), hopefully lettuce, shredded cheese
– Trade Joes – chicken stir fry w/ veggies, chicken meals

Links to recipes

To find a registered dietitian nutritionist near you, use the Academy’s online Find an Expert service.

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Veggies and Virtue – Instagram

Sesame Street Cookbook Link

Easy Fried Rice Recipe Susan found online that her family loves

Curried Chicken Salad – Ellie Krieger



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